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Explore fundraising opportunities with Malibu Jack's Lexington! We're excited to help strengthen the community and raise funds for good causes via Spirit Nights and Fundraising Punch Cards.

punch card

Malibu Jack's Fundraising Punch Cards are the best way to raise large amounts of funds quickly!Malibu Jack's will provide you with Punch Cards loaded with awesome deals. It's up to your organization to sell them!

We give you the cards with no upfront cost ($70 value). You sell them for $20 and keep $15!Ready to sell some cards? Download the "Official Fundraising Punch Card Guide" and request your first batch today!

Spirit night

Have a Spirit Night at Malibu Jack's!

During a select time, have your guests visit and ask for the Spirit Night Deal: "Load $10, get $2 extra" to play with.

$2 for every deal purchased goes back to your fundraiser! To request a Spirit Night, please email

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